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Buddhist Wall Hanging Tashi Tagey 58x19 cm

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Set Buddhist Wall Hanging Tashi Tagey 58x19 cm

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Wall Hanging Tashi Tagey 58 x 19 cm dark blue - red frame 1
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Wall-Hanging Ashta Mangala stitched 58 x 19 cm in several colors
Ashta Mangalas or Tashi Tageys are used at door-frames or as a frame for a holly picture or a statue also in private houses and in monastries. There are eight tibetan symbols for good luck, like the eight paths of buddhism. According to the high diginity of the symbols Ashta Mangals - Tashi Tageys are always decorated with a Khata (Ceremonial scarf). These symbols are: Chatra (white parsol) - protection from evils; Matsya (fish) - the two golden fished symbolising beings rescude from the ocean of misery; Kalasha (holy vase) - vassel posesses amrita, the elexir of immortality; Padma (lotus) - accomplished purity; Shankha (conch shell) - its humming sounds proclaims the glory of the saints; Srivatsa (endless knot) - it is considered as luck knot, live knot or love knot; Dhwaja (banner) - victory of Buddhism; Dharmachakra (wheel of law) - symbol of absolute completeness, representing the eight fold path of salvation.
We offer the wall hangings in different sizes.

Made from 100 % Polyester and washable with 30 degree Celsius by hand.


Motiv Tashi Tagey - Ashtamangala
Dekoration Wandbehang