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Prayer flags

Prayer flags are very important in the Tibetan culture. Traditionally prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. You can find prayer flags around the stupas, on mountain pass, roads and inner courts. Usually 25 single flags are connected in one roll. The 5 coloures file repeate 5 times.The colour and the symbols create a prayer or offering that the wind distributes to the world each time it brushes against the flag. The prayers of a flag becomes a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from wind and sun. The tibetan world for horizontal prayer flag is Lung ta, which translates literally as "wind horse".

The single colours symbolise the elements, the four cardinal points and more.

Pancha Buddha      direction     colour     sound    element     symbol
center         white        Om         ether          chakra
Akshobhya                east           blue        
hum        water           dorje 
Ratnasambhava       south        
yellow       tram        earth           ratna 
Amitabha                  west           red         
hrih          fire           padma
Amoghshiddhi          north          green         ah           air     vishvavajra

We offer different prayer flags horizontal from 70 cm - 24 m with 5, 10 or 25 single flags and vertical with a hight from 2 m to 4,6 m.

Furthermore we offer you old style prayer flags in  cotton. In former times all the prayers flags were made in this style. This prayer flags are bleaching in the sun and wind by the time. Do not hestitate to hang it outside, it is a symbol of permanent changing.

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