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Singing bowls

We buy the singing bowls from different supplier. If we choose out singing bowls, we are listening for best sounding ones and not for the nicest look.
In former time the bowls were used as dishes. Blacksmiths were rambling across the Himalayans and forged the dishes for the local people. Since the Chinese occupied Tibet there are no more blacksmiths on tours to produce this dishes. It is assumed that men in high altitudes got most of their essential minerals by the metallic dishes.
Most probably due to the Buddhist philosophy of harmony the blacksmiths created bowls that showed its alignment by sounding. Why the dishes are sounding so wonderful is created in the wisdom how to get the single metals in a harmonically all-metal composition.
Nowadays the new singing bowls are produced mainly in Nepal and India specially in Bihar.
The sound of the singing bowls are variable, the plenty of overtones can prevent to definite a keytone. If there is a keytone it can happen that the sound changes after a few seconds. You will get a different sound, if you take a soft or a hard beetle to strike the singing bowl, or if you rub against the bowl and it even differences by different materials of the rubbing mallets. Based on this experience we refuse to sell singing bowls as planet singing bowls or planetary singing bowls.
The old Himalayan singing bowls and the singing bowls with a thin edge are highly sensitive, atmospheric pressure, temperature or atmosphere can influence the sound, but this experience you have to get by yourself.
"Space is the place, change your destiny" Sun Ra

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