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Chakrasambhava Buddha Statues

There several forms of Sambhava, (Tib. Demchok) he is also a Tantric deity of Supreme Yoga Tantra of Vajrayana. He embraces his consort Vajravarahi (Shakti). Both of them symbolise emptinesss and bliss. He represents the entire system of meditation, yogic practices and other kinds of spiritual exercises. The colour of the body of Samvara is darkblue. He wears a tiger skin around his waist and has an elephant skin across the back. He wears bone ornaments, a tiara of 5 sculls and a-garland of 51 severed human heads, he bears the effigy of Akshobhya in his crown. In has twelve arms , his hands he holds a vajra and a bell, a skull cup, a snare, the head of Bhrama, a staff, an elephant knife, a flying knife, and a trident and a damru. He has 4 faces and is surrounded with a halo of flames. She carries a skull cup and a curved knifeand is red in colour. Both are dancing on a sun disk on 16-petalled lotus.

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