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Stupa - Chörten 15 cm Resin painted

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Stupa - Chörten 15 cm Resin painted

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Tibetan Stupa - Chörten made of Resin handpainted 15 cm height - Stupa of enlightenment.

Stupa is a mound-like structure containing Buddhist relics, once thought to be places of Buddhist worship, typically the remains of a Buddha or saint. In Tibetan it is called chos rtan- chörten dharma place/seat . The main stupa itself is empty, symbolizing complete perfection of enlightenment. The main stupa is only the crown part of the monument, while the base is pyramidal structure elaborate with galleries adorned with bas relief of scenes derived from Buddhist text depicted the life of Siddharta Gautama.

All stupas contain a treasury filled with various objects. Small offerings called Tsa-Tsas  filling a major part of the treasury. Creation of various kind of Tsa-Tsas is a ceremony itself.

The stupa represents the five purified elements:

The upper lotus parasol and the crescent moon repressents air.

The square base repressents earth.

The hemispherical dome/vase repressents water.

The conical spire repressents fire.

The sun and the disolving point repressents the element of space.