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Nyingma Vishva-Dorje - Vajra firegilt 5,6 cm

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Nyingma Vishva-Dorje - Vajra firegilt 5,6 cm

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Dorje or Vajra, it is a small metallic object also called thunderbolt or dynamite which destroys all kinds of ignorance and enemies. It is indestructible and can ot be bent or broken. It is a symbol of Hindu God Indra. In Tantrism Vajra symbolizes male principle when it is held in the right hand. Bell symbolizes the female priciple when it is held in the left hand. The interaction leads to enlightment. It is believed that Buddhist God got Vajra from Hindu God Indra and slightly modified by closing the points of darts. Vajra of Hindu gods has three flat darts the points of which do not touch like those of Tibetan Dorjees. The Tibetan variety is round and has four darts and the points are closed. Thus it appears inn the form af a lotus bud. A fifth dart runs through the centre of the dorje , thus there are 5 darts. Dorje represents 5 bodies of Dhyani Buddhas. In Vajrayana school of Buddhism, vajra is the symbol of linga ( male sex organ). The word Vajra is also used to designate a school of Buddhism called Vajrayana or the path or way of Vajra. This sect was the successor of the Mahayana, the great path. In Tibet all prayers, recitat ions and invocations are accomanied by several ritual objects, including vajra or dynamite or master cutter which destroys everything and which is a symbol of boundless power. We offer this design of Nyingma-Vishva-Dorje made from copper fire gilt sizes 5,6 cm.


Produkttyp Ritualgegestand
Farben Messingfarben
Motiv Nyingma
Material Messing
Herstellung Wachsausschmelzverfahren
Qualität Standard
Ritualgegenstände Dorje Vajra
Land Nepal
Größe 12,5 cm