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Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue sitzende Position in der Vorderansicht

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  • Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue sitzende Position in der Vorderansicht
  • Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue sitzende Position in der rechten Seitenansicht
  • Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue sitzende Position in der Rückansicht
  • Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue Detailansicht des Gesichts
  • Kagyü Lehrermeister Milarepa Statue Detailansicht von hinten

Milarepa Buddha replica statue 23 cm premium quality Sitting Fully Firegilded

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Original Tibetan replica Milarepa Buddha statue in premium quality. Made in cast-bronze, then fully gilded and painted on the face. Replica statues are made from old molds that are rarely found today, as they used to be. Historical original statues that underlie these molds are now in museums. These figures differ significantly from today's conventional molds in shape, surface treatment and proportions.
Milarepa (1040-1123) is shown listening to the cosmic songs with one hand on his ear. Before he met his master Marpa, he had a busy life behind him. According to the story, his father died when he was seven years old. After his death, his mother was cheated by relatives for the possession of his father. In order to survive in the poor conditions, Milarepa began to sing public songs and sacred texts in order to receive alms for the survival of his family. His mother urged him to teach black magic to avenge himself with Milarepa's help and knowledge of the relatives. After many people died in a house collapse, which should go back to the black magic, he out of regret in search of a teacher who could initiate him into the Buddhist tantric teaching. He met Marpa, who was to be his teacher. However, Milarepa had to undergo many tests before. According to legend, he alone had to build a multi-storey house, which Marpa tore himself down several times and rebuilt. After many years Marpa took him up as a student and later declared him to be his favorite student. Milarepa became after Marpa the lineage holder of the Mahamudra doctrine and became famous for his songs and poems. He often spread the doctrine in the form of poems and songs. The Tibetans speak of the 100,000 songs of the Milarepa. He mastered the Tantric meditation technique of the "Inner Heat" and was dressed only in a cotton shirt in summer and winter. As a lineage holder of the teaching, he appointed his pupil Gampopa. Milarepa's life is seen by many as a sign of hope because, despite great sins (murder), he found a way to salvation and enlightenment.

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Farben Golden
Gottheit Marpa
Form Sitzend
Material Bronze voll-feuervergoldet
Herstellung Feuervergoldung
Größe 23 cm