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Maitreya 38,5 cm fully gold fire-gilded Replica

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Maitreya 38,5 cm fully gold fire-gilded Replica

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Replica of a tibetan Buddha Statue - Maitreya Maitreya is the future buddha who is expected to come to earth from tushita heaven. He is said he will come to earth full 4000 years after the disapperance from buddha Gautama for the deliverence all of sentient beings. He is the only bhodisatwa who is worshipped both by the Hinayanists Mahayanists. Maitreya may be represented as a standing figure adorned with rich ornaments and holding in his right hand the stalk of lotus. Maitreya is also represented as an seated Buddha with legs dangling down. His colour is yellow. Bronce with 24 karats fully gold fire-gilded

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