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Avalokiteshvara - Chenrezi - Buddha Statue 34 cm  fully gold plated

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Avalokiteshvara - Chenrezi - Buddha Statue 34 cm fully gold plated

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This Tibetan Buddha statue represents Avalokiteshvara - Chenresig. The Buddha figurine is made of bronce fully gold plated.Its height is 34 cm and its weight is 4 kg. Chenrezig is the Tibetan form of Avolokiteshvara, a manifestation of Amitabha and of his various forms. His mantra is "OM MANI PADME HUM". He is the protector of Tibet. Forms with two arms (seldom), four arms and thousend arms (with eleven heads and one eye in each palm). The four-armed Avalokiteshvara is the Sadaksari-Lokeshvara or also called Kharcheri. He is white in colour, in one hand is the akshamala (rosary) and in the other hand a blue flower of compassion and the other tow hold a wishfulfilling gem (a sign of wisdom) to his heart in namaskara mudra, the gesture of prayer.

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