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Avalokiteshvara  33,5 cm fully fire gilded Buddha Statue

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Avalokiteshvara 33,5 cm fully fire gilded Buddha Statue

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Tibetan Buddha Figure - Statue fully gold plated and color painted

Bodhisattva - Avalokiteshvara / Chenrezig / Kharcheri

(Tib. Chak-tong) among the 108 forms of Lokeshvara Avalokiteshvara is one who refuses to accept Nirvana since he considers such acceptance selfish in view of the ignorance of the great majority of the people who have not yet attained that stage. His sacrifice symbolises infinite compassion sharing to mankind s misery, willingness to help those in distress. He holds in his hand the indestructible jewel. He is saviour and protector from danger,So, his invocation (Mantra) "OM MANI PADME HUM" is found inscribed on rocks, loose stones, prayer wheels , etc. Avalokiteshvara is also called Chenrezi in Tibet.

The thousand-armed Bodhisattva once took a vow to save all sentient beings from suffering. but when he realized that it was a difficult task, his head exploded into several pieces. But his body was articulated by Amitabha Buddha and Bodhisattva Vajrapani. He became a more powerful form with 11 heads and 1000 arms. Each of this hands has an eye in the centre of the palm which symbolizes union of wisdom (eye) and skillful means (hand). He has a white body and stands on a lotus flower. He has 3 rows of 3 faces. Coloured red, white and green symbolizing three principal aspects of Buddhahood. Above these 9 heads are blue wrathful aspect of Vajrapani and the red face of Amitabha . He has 8 principal hands. The first two hold a wish-fulfilling gem, five hold a lotu

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